Ahmad A. Alhamed

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In this paper, we implemented a scalable plug-in middleware to process different HL7 versions (Version 2, Version 3, FHIR). The middleware solves incompliance, prevents security breaches, and increases the message transfer reliability. The middleware consists of four components, each having certain logic. Some of these components are optional, in that, the(More)
In this work, we propose a novel quality link metric; Bandwidth adjusted Inverse ETX (BIETX) for Static Wireless Multi-hop Networks (SWMhNs). The proposed metric considers two path selection parameters into account i.e., packet delivery ratio and link capacity. For computing packet delivery ratios in BIETX, the mechanism of Expected Transmission Count (ETX)(More)
This paper presents an intelligent tool to summarize Arabic articles and translate the summary to Arabic sign language based on avatar technology. This tool was designed for improving web accessibility and help deaf people for acquiring more benefits. Of the most important problems in this task, is that the deaf people were facing many difficulties in(More)
Energy is one of the most precious resource in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) which is mainly consumed in communication, sensing and processing. Performance evaluation of WSN routing protocols primarily rely on simulation-based studies. Most of these studies only assume oversimplified First Order Radio Model (FORM) and ignore node's energy consumed in(More)
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