Ahlem Walha

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Aerial surveillance system provides a large amount of data compared with traditional surveillance system. But, it usually suffers from undesired motion of cameras, which presents new challenges. These challenges must be overcome before such video can be widely used. In this paper, we present a novel video stabilization and moving object detection system(More)
Personal wireless communication and digital multimedia information devices become widely available and extensively used. These devices require more and more developed video codecs. Hence, several video coding standards motivate developers to innovate and improve them. The block of Motion Estimation (ME) is an important module in all recent video coders.(More)
Aerial Video-Surveillance systems are being more and more used in security applications. The analysis and detection of abnormal behaviours in a aerial sequence has progressively drawn the attention in the field of public area security, since it allows filtering out a large number of useless information, which guarantees the high efficiency in the security(More)
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