Ahlem Lahmer

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BACKGROUND Celiac disease is reported to be common among North Africans, particularly Tunisians. Nevertheless, the prevalence of coeliac disease in the general population has not been previously investigated. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to determine the prevalence of celiac disease among children in Tunisia and to describe the clinical profile of the(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal carcinoma is one of the main causes of cancer death in the worldwide with a decrease survival rate in relationship with a later diagnosis of advanced disease. AIMS This study highlights the particular epidemiological, clinicopathological and immunohistochemical colorectal cancer profile. Indeed, our results differ markedly from that(More)
UNLABELLED 14 human femurs were scanned by CAT and 3D reconstructed. In every specimen digital documentation of CCD and antetorsion (AT) angle was performed. With a special software package (Orthodoc) virtual preoperative planning for implantation of a cementless total hip alloplasty was undertaken. The specimens were randomised into two groups, one of(More)
BACKGROUND Wound infection is one of the major complications in acute and chronic wound healing. Antiseptic solutions and wound irrigating agents are routinely used for therapy and prevention in healthcare today. Even if wound exudate contains total protein concentrations up to 9.3% and albumin concentrations up to 2.7% its influence to the antibacterial(More)
BACKGROUND The p73 gene encodes a nuclear protein that is highy homologous to p53. p73 also shares some common functions with p53 protein indicating that p73 gene is a p53-like tumor suppressor. AIM In this study, we examined by immunohistochemestry the p73 expression on 120 cases of colorectal carcinomas and evaluated its implication in carcinogenesis.(More)
OBJECTIFS L'artériopathie oblitérante des membres inférieurs (AOMI), est une des localisations de l'athérothrombose méconnue et sous-diagnostiquée, et par voie de conséquence sous-évaluée et sous-traitée, maladie invalidante reliée à l'athérosclérose. Afin d'évaluer cette pathologie, nous avons mené une étude épidémiologique de type transversale pour(More)
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