Ahlem Ellili

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In order to diversify the production of plants with pharmacological interest, it is important to understand the mechanisms involved in their tolerance to environmental constraints, such as salinity. Basil (Ocimum basilicum), known for its therapeutic uses, has been claimed to be salt tolerant, but physiological aspects of this behavior remain unknown. Since(More)
This study investigates the polyphenol content of Diplotaxis simplex extract and the biological activities of the main organ. The analysed extracts showed that polyphenol contents varied considerably as a function of organs. Furthermore, novel biological activities of this species were assessed. Flower extracts exhibit a potent in vitro antioxidant capacity(More)
Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) seedlings were cultured on liquid medium in controlled conditions. Two varieties differing in leaf size were compared. When plants were 30 days old, the medium was supplemented with 50 mM NaCl. After 15 days of treatment, root, stem and leaf biomass, leaf number, and leaf surface area were measured. Ion accumulation was(More)
In polluted protected areas, using phytoremediation raises the question of the choice of the plant species to select. As an example, Atriplex halimus has been identified as a proliferative plant species that needs to be eradicated in the Calanques National Park (PNCal). Since it has been proven that the spontaneous populations of this plant species could(More)
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