Aharon Brodutch

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Unlike classical money, which is hard to forge for practical reasons (e.g. producing paper with a certain property), quantum money is attractive because its security might be based on the no-cloning theorem. The first quantum money scheme was introduced by Wiesner circa 1970. Although more sophisticated quantum money schemes were proposed, Wiesner's scheme(More)
Received (received date) Revised (revised date) Entanglement does not describe all quantum correlations and several authors have shown the need to go beyond entanglement when dealing with mixed states. Various different measures have sprung up in the literature, for a variety of reasons, to describe bipar-tite and multipartite quantum correlations; some are(More)
Methods for measuring the weak value of non local variables are investigated. We analyze local (indirect) measurement methods for obtaining the weak values. We also describe some new (direct) methods (Non local weak measurements) for measuring the weak values of some non local variables. Non local variables are variables of a composite system with parts in(More)
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