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Silver nanoparticles (AgNP; many other names such as nanosilver and colloidal silver) have already been used in everyday consumer products requiring broad spectrum antibiotic performance because of their enormous surface area and reactivity. Faunce and Watal [1] recently have critically analyzed the international regulatory issues for medical and domestic(More)
This index covers all items papers, correspondence, reviews, etc. that appeared in this periodical during 1975, and items from prior years that were commented upon or corrected in 1975. The index is divided into an Author Index and a Subject Index, both arranged alphabetically. The Author Index contains the primary entry for each item; this entry is listed(More)
Metals in mine effluents, especially metal mines, have been a major environmental concern. High mobility of the metals in solution and the subsequent lowering of discharge limits by the EPA have necessitated expensive chemical treatment of the effluent. Bacteriological reactions, particularly by Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, have been known to reduce metals(More)
We would like to begin by thanking Reid et al. for their captivating paper ‘Taking OSCE Examiner Training On The Road: Reaching The Masses’ [1]. As senior year medical students we read this article with keen interest and share the belief that further development of systematic examiner training will result in fairer, more objective clinical assessments.(More)
We would firstly like to credit Bernard et al. [1] for their interesting research into such a topical aspect of medical education currently, one which we can relate to personally as students who share an interest in medical education. The role of feedback in promoting student reflection and subsequent improvement in the setting of formative objective(More)
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