Ahamed Fayeez Tuani Ibrahim

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Door sensor for automatic lighting control is widely being developed for energy saving and security purposes. An infrared door sensor based on electrical and electronics combinational circuit technology is used to develop the automatic light switching system. The automatic light switching system will lead to energy saving and efficient energy usage which(More)
— In this paper, block-matching with Gaussian Filter adaptive technique is proposed to estimate the motion velocity displacement point in the ultrasound image. We apply the Hexagon-Diamond Displacement Point (HDDP) technique to estimate the motion displacement. The motion displacement is based on the hexagon and diamond displacement pattern search points.(More)
Background. Increased fructose consumption is linked to the development of metabolic syndrome (MS). Here we investigated the time course of development of MS features in high-fructose-fed Sprague Dawley rats along with circulatory testosterone and homocysteine levels. Methods. Rats were divided into control and experimental groups and fed with diets(More)
This paper describes the first phase of the development process of this project. There are two phases involve in this research work. In the first phase, PROTUES simulation tools were used to design, study and analyze the proposed research work. Results from the simulation will be use as reference to re-design and develop the real-time hardware-based system.(More)
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