Ahad Jahangiry

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Wireless sensor networks are emerged as a new technology in different applications to get information from environment in recent years. On of the most important challenges in this type of networks is energy shortage of sensors. Where as energy restriction, it should be mentioned a fundamental solution to providence energy consumption. The most suitable(More)
Being aware of nodes position is very important and one of the base issue in wireless sensor networks. To calculate sensor nodes location, many algorithms use radio waves. Wireless sensor networks include of sensor nodes with limited power, low memory and less processing capability. One of the requirements of localization algorithms is low energy(More)
Using enormous number of sensor nodes has enabled WSNs to take a large area under their control. In these networks nodes are randomly distributed and have no specific information about their geographical position. But many applications and protocols require being aware of nodes localization in WSNs. Many localization algorithms have proposed radio frequency(More)
In many applications, knowledge of the node's position is very important. The present paper examines the latest research which has been done on methods of localization in wireless sensor networks. Then we propose a new method for localization in WSNs by mobile stations which is different from other proposed algorithms, our method includes four mobile(More)
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