Ahad Ali

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This research presents optimized maintenance design using simulation to analyze the capability of auto part manufacturing production system. The integration of simulation and optimization is used to identify critical stations, an optimal system design and maintenance scheduling schemes and evaluates their effects on the overall system performance. Most(More)
A HDD template is designed and developed for modeling and simulation for final assembly of hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturing using Arena. The designed HDD template is a high flexibility and good performance at an internal supply chain level and self-development and improves the system performance significantly. It is developed the intelligent based(More)
This research paper demonstrates how to design and develop a simulation model for an automated robotic assembly line production process. The layout consists of 10 process stations including sealing, piercing, welding, optical gauging, and dimensional check stations. The complete assembly line processes consist of 41 robots including 26 welding, 12 material(More)
Automotive Manufacturing Powertrain includes engines and transmissions. Assembling engines involves the integration of a large number of components. Simulation is commonly applied in the design and implementation of such production process. The objective of the simulation study is to identify process throughput for the Head Sub-Assembly line. The simulation(More)
Catalog Description: This course provides applied knowledge of stochastic models to solve uncertain (stochastic) service operations and production systems. The concepts of random variables, stochastic processes, and random fields will be introduced. Methodologies covered include discrete and continuous time Markov processes, Poisson processes, Brownian(More)