Ah Young Yoo

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The Dps protein, which is overexpressed in harsh environments, is known to play a critical role in the protection of DNA against oxidative stresses. In this study, the roles of Fur in the expression of the dps gene in Salmonella and the protection mechanisms against oxidative stress in Salmonella cells preexposed to iron-stress were investigated. Two(More)
Expression of thin aggregative fimbriae (Agf) in Salmonella, which is responsible for bacterial cell adhesion to surfaces, aggregation, and formation of biofilms, is regulated by a complex mechanism. In order to identify gene(s) involved in the expression of Agf, the TnphoA transposon was introduced into Salmonella typhimurium χ8505 for random mutagenesis.(More)
Edwardsiella tarda causes an infectious fish disease called edwardsiellosis. Several outer membrane proteins (OMPs) are associated with virulence factors and are attractive as vaccine candidates. In this study, 4 immuno-reactive OMPs of E. tarda were detected using anti-sera from flounder infected with E. tarda. Using matrix-assisted laser(More)
A serine protease-producing marine bacterial strain named as PT-1 was isolated and identified as a family of Marinomonas arctica, based on molecular characterization of 16S rRNA gene sequence, phylogenetic tree, and fatty acid composition analyses. Optimized culture conditions for growth of the bacterium PT-1 and production of protease (ProA) were(More)
In order to induce high levels of protein secretion, we have constructed a recombinant plasmid, designated pBP244, into which was incorporated key components of the type-II Sec-dependent secretion system, including LepB (signal peptidase), SecA (ATPase), and SecB (chaperone). The biological activities of the LepB, SecA, and SecB components expressed from(More)
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