Ah-Fur Lai

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The cognitive diagnostic test can be used to understand the learning effects (such as strengths and weaknesses) of learners for a specific subject area. Based on the evaluation results of the diagnostic test, instructors may suggest or give students additional material on the subject area for students who do not meet the requirements. The S-P (Student(More)
Offering a series of diagnosis and individual remedial learning activities for a general class by means of web and multimedia technology can overcome the dilemma of conventional diagnosis and remedial instruction. The study proposes a three-layer conceptual framework and adopts a two-tier diagnostic test theory to develop a web-based two-tier diagnostic(More)
Learning how to speak in foreign language has been identified as a big challenge. Constructing an interesting environment can reduce the learners' speaking anxiety and enhance their motivation. Digital game can be used for building such an attractive learning environment, and it can make the player to be actively involved in their learning. Nevertheless,(More)
The main purpose of this study is to develop an on-line simulation-based learning system for supporting the undergraduate students to learn linked list structures in data structures curriculum. This simulation system consists of demonstration mode, step mode, and quiz mode. In demonstration mode, the system will automatically present the operation process(More)