Agustinus Borgy Waluyo

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This article introduces MobiSense, a novel mobile health monitoring system for ambulatory patients. MobiSense resides in a mobile device, communicates with a set of body sensor devices attached to the wearer, and processes data from these sensors. MobiSense is able to detect body postures such as lying, sitting, and standing, and walking speed, by utilizing(More)
This paper describes a new classification system for real-time monitoring of physical activity, which is able to detect body postures (lying, sitting, and standing) and walking speed with data acquired from three wearable biaxial accelerometer sensors deployed in a wireless body sensor network. One sensor is waist-mounted while the remaining two are(More)
This paper presents a lightweight middleware to be used for wireless medical body area networks. The middleware is designed to reside in mobile devices, and acts as a gateway to receive sensor data as well as to control a set of sensor devices attached to the wearer. The main essence of the middleware is to simplify and accelerate the development of(More)
There is a growing focus on 24/7 cardiac monitoring that leverages state of the art mobile phones and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) wearable bio-sensors. While many signal processing techniques for mobile ECG analysis have been developed, these techniques tend to be computationally intensive. In this paper, we propose, develop and evaluate a(More)
This paper is mainly concerned with the integration of wireless body sensor network and walking route navigation system in order to provide the most suitable walking path to the wearer following the wearer's health condition. A novel system called Footpaths is proposed. Footpaths is designed to facilitate the measurement of the user's cardio-respiratory(More)
The increase number of mobile users in wireless environment affects query access time substantially. To minimise the query access time, one possible way is to employ data broadcasting strategy. In this paper, we propose cost models for both query access time over broadcast channel and on-demand channel. We examine the cost models to find optimum number of(More)