Agustina Gómez-Hens

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A fast and simple fluorimetric method is described for the simultaneous determination of ampicillin and tetracycline in milk by combining the stopped-flow mixing technique with a T-format spectrofluorimeter. Ampicillin determination is based on its hydrolysis with penicillinase and reaction with mercuric chloride, while the intramolecular energy transfer(More)
A selective and fast method has been developed for the determination of phosphates by measuring the formation of ytterbium(III) phosphate through the variation of the light scattering intensity with time. The low solubility of this compound causes an efficient dispersion of the radiation at 490 nm, which is measured at 980 nm using the second-order grating(More)
A liquid chromatography (LC) method with luminescence detection for the determination of eight quinolone antibiotics is reported. The system encompasses three consecutive steps: (a) chromatographic separation using reverse-phase mode (RP-LC), (b) postcolumn derivatization reaction, and (c) luminescence detection by monitoring fluorescence (FL) and(More)
A method for the evaluation of liposome size populations using sucrose density gradient centrifugation coupled with a continuous flow system is presented. Liposomes, prepared using different methods (rapid solvent evaporation, rehydration, and detergent removal) and modified by assaying several procedures (shaking, sonication and extrusion) were evaluated(More)
A new post-column derivatization system is described and applied to the determination of flavonoids in citric beverages after their separation by LC using a monolithic column. The derivatization involves the formation of the chelates of the analytes with aluminum (III) and terbium (III) in the presence of the surfactant SDS and the measurement of the(More)
A simple and fast immunoaffinity method is proposed for the determination of gliadins for the first time using gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) as labels. The tracer used consists in a gliadin-AuNP conjugate prepared by the adsorption of gliadins onto the nanoparticle surface. Two AuNP sizes with diameters of 10nm and 20 nm were assayed to compare the behaviour(More)
A homogeneous aggregation immunoassay involving the use of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and light scattering detection is described for soy protein determination in food samples. AuNPs act as enhancers of the precipitate that appears when the antigen-antibody complex is formed. The AuNPs-antibody conjugate has been synthesized by physical adsorption of(More)
The reaction between paraquat, ascorbic acid, and Cresyl Violet in alkaline medium and in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate has been applied for the first time to the development of a kinetic-fluorometric method for the determination of paraquat. The reaction rate of this system is measured by using the stopped-flow mixing technique, which makes the(More)