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The term " Federated Databases " refers to the data integration of distributed, autonomous and heterogeneous databases. However, a federation can also include information systems, not only databases. At integrating data, several issues must be addressed. Here, we focus on the problem of heterogeneity, more specifically on semantic heterogeneity – that is,(More)
So far, one of the key non-solved aspects of component-based developments is identifying and recovering existing components in effective way. On these lines, we all agree on the needs of organizing and cataloging candidate components to speed up search and identification. Particularly, domain-oriented catalogues have emerged as promissory tools, although it(More)
Keywords: Geographic information systems ISO 19119 std. Software product lines Reused services Marine ecology Geographic open source tools a b s t r a c t With the development and adoption of geographic information systems, there is an increasingly amount of software resources being stored or recorded as products to be reused. At the same time, complexity(More)
Keywords: Domain-specific taxonomies Software reuse Domain engineering Geographic information systems ISO 19100 standards a b s t r a c t Nowadays, reusing software applications encourages researchers and industrials to collaborate in order to increase software quality and to reduce software development costs. However, effective reuse is not easy and only a(More)
Software product line engineering aims to reduce development time, effort, cost, and complexity by taking advantage of the com-monality within a portfolio of similar products. This may benefit the development of applications in several domains, and particularly in geographic information systems (GIS). Reusing services for GIS challenges developers to(More)