Agustin A. Navarro

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Although considerable progress has been made in technology for converting lignocellulosic biomass into ethanol, substantial opportunities still exist to reduce production costs. In biomass pretreatment, reducing milling power is a technological improvement that will substantially lower production costs for ethanol. Improving sugar yield from hemicellulose(More)
Ambient intelligence has acquired a relevant presence in assistive technologies. Context-awareness, the ability to perceive situations and to act providing suitable responses, plays a key role in such presence. BrainAble, an ongoing European project, aims at raising the autonomy of people with functional diversity, facilitating and enhancing the interaction(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES We present the results from the PREVESE Study, conducted in two phases: the first to identify the secondary prevention measurements recommended in Spain in patients who were discharged after a myocardial infarction; the second, 6 months later, to determine their evolution. METHODS Data was collected from 1,242 patients in 39(More)
In this work, the effect of the addition of different concentrations of Tween-80 and three different zeolite-like products on enzymatic hydrolysis, ethanol fermentation, and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) process has been investigated. The ability of these products to enhance the effectiveness of the SSF process to ethanol of(More)
A 49-year-old man was hospitalized for precordial pain. The result of a resting electrocardiograph was normal. Tc-99m tetrofosmin stress myocardial imaging was performed and uptake in the area of the left scapula was seen. The abnormality was caused by a subcutaneous tumor. Histologic examination revealed a hibernoma.
Robotic surgery has experienced a rapid progress in a diversity of interventions, especially in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). In this type of interventions the patient body is accessed by inserting especial instruments through small incisions. As these instruments are manipulated by robotic assistants, passive wrists are incorporated for free compliance(More)