Agustín Rico-Díaz

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β-Galactosidases are biotechnologically interesting enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis or transgalactosylation of β-galactosides. Among them, the Aspergillus niger β-galactosidase (AnβGal) belongs to the glycoside hydrolase family 35 (GH35) and is widely used in the industry due to its high hydrolytic activity which is used to degrade lactose. We present(More)
Ixr1 is a transcriptional factor involved in the response to hypoxia, which is also related to DNA repair. It binds to DNA through its two in-tandem high mobility group box (HMG-box) domains. Each function depends on recognition of different DNA structures, B-form DNA at specific consensus sequences for transcriptional regulation, or distorted DNA, like(More)
Kluyveromyces lactis β-galactosidase (Kl-β-Gal) is one of the most important enzymes in the dairy industry. The poor stability of this enzyme limits its use in the synthesis of galactooligosaccharides (GOS) and other applications requiring high operational temperature. To obtain thermoresistant variants, a rational mutagenesis strategy by introducing(More)
β-Galactosidase from Aspergillus niger (An-β-Gal), belonging to the family 35 glycoside hydrolases, hydrolyzes the β-galactosidase linkages in lactose and other galactosides. It is extensively used in industry owing to its high hydrolytic activity and safety. The enzyme has been expressed in yeasts and purified by immobilized metal-ion affinity(More)
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