Agustín Ramírez-Agundis

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This paper presents a scheme and its Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation for a system based on combining the bi-dimensional discrete wavelet transformation (2D-DWT) and vector quantization (VQ) for image compression. The 2D-DWT works in a non-separable fashion using a parallel filter structure with distributed control to compute two(More)
A frequency-designed fractional delay FIR structure, which is suitable for software radio applications, is presented. The design method is based on frequency optimization of a combination of modified Farrow and mutirate structures. As a result the optimization frequency range is made only in half of desired total bandwidth. According to the obtained results(More)
Acne vulgaris as an inflammatory disease, with an excessive production of subdermal fat, modifies the dynamics of the bloodstream, and consequently temperature, on the affected skin zone. A high percentage of this heat interchange is manifested as electromagnetic radiation with far-infrared wavelengths, which can be captured through a thermal imaging(More)
This paper describes a reconfigurable hardware implementation for wideband fractional delay FIR filters. The proposed implementation is based on a multirate Farrow structure, reducing in this way the arithmetic complexity compared to the modified Farrow structure, and allowing on line fractional delay value update. A minimax frequency optimization technique(More)
Real time detection of moving objects from a video sequence has become an important role in computer vision field. Applications such as traffic control systems, surveillance systems, robotics vision and even more complex tasks such as human face recognition are currently subject of research. Although for some limited video applications the real time(More)
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