Agustín Medina

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Lipid class, fatty acid and POP levels were measured in migrating Atlantic bluefin tuna (ABT) tissues caught off the Barbate coast, Spain. Tissue lipids were largely characterized by triacylglycerol, reflecting large energy reserves accumulated prior to reproductive migration. Fatty acid compositions of muscle, liver and adipose exhibited similar profiles,(More)
We investigate the structure of crystalline particle arrays on constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces of revolution. Such curved crystals have been realized physically by creating charge-stabilized colloidal arrays on liquid capillary bridges. CMC surfaces of revolution, classified by Delaunay in 1841, include the 2-sphere, the cylinder, the vanishing mean(More)
Resumen: En este trabajo se presenta una revisión de la biografía intelectual y académica de José Loustau (1889-1964) profesor de biología y Rector de la Universidad de Murcia durante muchos años. Se hace especial énfasis en sus contribuciones a la psicosociobiología y la etología. Palabras clave: Historia de la ciencia española; psicobiología; etología.(More)
The sperm axoneme of Hypselodoris tricolor forms from a single centriole that is located initially beneath the plasma membrane and then migrates to the nuclear surface. A conspicuous centriolar adjunct-like formation is present in the neck of midspermatids, but it becomes very reduced at the end of spermiogenesis. In spermatocyte and spermatid mitochondria,(More)
In renal sac nephrocytes of Helix aspersa, intracellular calcium has been localized using the oxalate-pyroantimonate (OPA) and phosphate-pyroantimonate (PPA) methods. Pyroantimonate precipitates are preferentially localized in the excretory spherule and in vesicles located in the basal and lateral regions of the nephrocyte. Such vesicles appear to release(More)
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