Agustín Martínez Pérez-Balsa

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We report a 61-year-old alcoholic man who presented with subacute physical deterioration and severe dysarthria. MRI, suggestive of corpus callosum demyelination with associated white matter involvement in both cerebral hemispheres, indicated the diagnosis of Marchiafava-Bignami disease. During his stay in hospital the patient showed remarkable improvement,(More)
INTRODUCTION The appearance of tremor after thalamic lesions is well-known but infrequent. Amongst the semiological varieties of thalamic tremors, a particularly uncommon type--which is extremely incapacitating owing to its great amplitude, appearance during action and poor therapeutic response--is the so-called rubric or mesencephalic tremor. CLINICAL(More)
INTRODUCTION Thalamic infarcts in paramedian artery territory are seen fairly frequently owing to certain peculiarities of the vascularization of the thalamus. However, clinical diagnosis is usually difficult because of the many varieties and peculiarities of the symptomatology. MATERIAL AND METHODS We present a review of twelve cases of bilateral(More)
We report the case of a woman presenting with a gait disorder. Magnetic resonance the brain showed a large parieto-neuroepithelial cyst. Surgery was ruled out and a new image taken nearly two years later showed the cyst cavity had collapsed spontaneously. The benign course of this type of lesion and the possibility of spontaneous recurrence suggest that a(More)
Myotonic dystrophy is a multisystemic disorder inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. The secondary gastrointestinal disturbances are not well recognized. Two cases of myotonic dystrophy in a 51-year-old and 39-year-old woman with gastrointestinal symptoms disturbances are reported. One patient presented motor dysfunction in the colon and esophagus,(More)
Deterioro cognitivo de rápida instauración: neuroborreliosis y proteína 14-3-3 positiva Fast onset cognitive impairment: neuroborreliosis and positive 14-3-3 protein La enfermedad de Lyme cursa con manifestaciones cutáneas, cardíacas, neurológicas y articulares. Las ma-nifestaciones neurológicas precoces incluyen meningitis linfocitaria, neuropatía craneal(More)
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