Agustín L. Arce

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Hahb-4 is a member of the Helianthusannuus (sunflower) subfamily I of HD-Zip proteins that is transcriptionally regulated by water availability and abscisic acid. Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants overexpressing this transcription factor (TF) exhibit a characteristic phenotype that includes a strong tolerance to water stress. Here we show that this TF(More)
BACKGROUND Plant HD-Zip transcription factors are modular proteins in which a homeodomain is associated to a leucine zipper. Of the four subfamilies in which they are divided, the tested members from subfamily I bind in vitro the same pseudopalindromic sequence CAAT(A/T)ATTG and among them, several exhibit similar expression patterns. However, most(More)
Different members of the HD-Zip I family of transcription factors exhibit differential AHA-like activation motifs, able to interact with proteins of the basal transcriptional machinery. Homeodomain-leucine zipper proteins are transcription factors unique to plants, classified in four subfamilies. Subfamily I members have been mainly associated to abiotic(More)
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