Agustín López Munguía

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BACKGROUND Increasing attention has been focused on inulin and levan-type oligosaccharides, including fructosyl-xylosides and other fructosides due to their nutraceutical properties. Bacillus subtilis levansucrase (LS) catalyzes the synthesis of levan from sucrose, but it may also transfer the fructosyl moiety from sucrose to acceptor molecules included in(More)
BACKGROUND IslA4 is a truncated single domain protein derived from the inulosucrase IslA, which is a multidomain fructosyltransferase produced by Leuconostoc citreum. IslA4 can synthesize high molecular weight inulin from sucrose, with a residual sucrose hydrolytic activity. IslA4 has been reported to retain the product specificity of the multidomain(More)
Levan is a fructan polymer that offers a variety of applications in the chemical, health, cosmetic and food industries. Most of the levan applications depend on levan molecular weight, which in turn depends on the source of the synthesizing enzyme and/or on reaction conditions. Here we demonstrate that in the particular case of levansucrase from Bacillus(More)
Inulosucrase (IslA) from Leuconostoc citreum CW28 belongs to a new subfamily of multidomain fructosyltransferases (FTFs), containing additional domains from glucosyltransferases. It is not known what the function of the additional domains in this subfamily is. Through construction of truncated versions we demonstrate that the acquired regions are involved(More)
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