Agustín Ibanez

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Converging neuroscientific evidence suggests the existence of close links between language and sensorimotor cognition. Accordingly, during the comprehension of meaningful actions, our brain would recruit semantic-related operations similar to those associated with the processing of language information. Consistent with this view, electrophysiological(More)
The relationship between decision making and theory of mind (TOM) has been hardly investigated in patients with asperger syndrome (AS). Here, we show that the AS group (n=25) exhibited deficits on a complex TOM task, yet were unimpaired in a decision-making test. No association was found between these two domains.
The dimensional approach to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) considers ASD as the extreme of a dimension traversing through the entire population. We explored the potential utility of electroencephalography (EEG) functional connectivity as a biomarker. We hypothesized that individual differences in autistic traits of typical subjects would involve a(More)
Dementia causes massive cognitive, affec-tive, and social impairment as well as concomitant functional decline. Cogni-tive interventions, together with pharmacological treatments, are acknowledged as important tools to delay mental weakening in dementing populations and to preserve the life quality of patients and their relatives (Prince et al., 2011; Woods(More)
Previous single-case reports in posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) have shown preserved nonconscious visual recognition despite the absence of explicit recognition. In this study, we investigated three levels of visual recognition in both a female patient with PCA and a control group during the presentation of neutral, positive, and negative affective(More)
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