Agustín Cobas

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[reaction: see text] A double helicene formed by a pentahelicene and a heptahelicene with two rings in common was obtained by palladium-catalyzed cyclotrimerization of 3,4-didehydrophenanthrene and was characterized conformationally by NMR and GIAO calculations.
[reaction--see text] A series of fluorous derivatives of tert-butyl alcohol were prepared and evaluated as reagents for the protection of carboxylic acids for use in fluorous synthesis. Alcohol 3b can be employed efficiently to protect and immobilize medium-size nonpolar carboxylic acids in a fluorous phase.
Arynes react with ethoxyacetylene to afford 2-ethoxyethynylaryl derivatives through a highly chemo- and regioselective formal insertion of the aryne into the C(sp)-O(sp(3)) bond of the alkyne. Computational studies suggest that the reaction does not proceed through a mechanism initiated by the nucleophilic addition of the oxygen atom to the aryne as(More)
Oligofurans linked by a rigid tether undergo tandem cycloaddition reactions with high stereoselectivity. The reaction of bisfurans with dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate (DMAD) involves tandem [4 + 2]/[4 + 2] cycloadditions in a pincer mode. The reaction of oligofurans with arynes involves stereoselective tandem [4 + 2]/[4 + 2] cycloaddition reactions in a(More)
The synthesis of an efficient precursor of the novel 1,7-naphthodiyne synthon is reported. Preliminary experiments demonstrate the usefulness of this platform for the synthesis of sterically congested polyarenes, such as helicenes and angularly fused acene derivatives. Furthermore, a novel intramolecular aryne trapping reaction is described.
[reaction: see text] The Pd-catalyzed cycloaddition of didehydrobiphenylenes 2a,b, generated from the corresponding 3-(trimethylsilyl)-2-biphenylenyl triflates with fluoride, furnishes the C3-symmetric trimers 1a,b in which the embedded triphenylene unit is distorted to increase the aromaticity of the central benzene ring. Cocyclization of 2a,b with(More)
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