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Admission control is applied to maintain a predefined Quality of Service in online streaming services such as Video-on-Demand system. In common admission control, a new request to a specific class will be rejected when the ports dedicated to such a class are fully-occupied. This proposed system is different from previous works as follows: (1) we(More)
Different message urgencies leads to different bandwidth treatments in dense VANETs. Safety messages have the utmost importance in VANETs, therefore, it must have the highest assurance of delivery. However, due to the limited bandwidth of dense VANETs, safety messages could be rejected. This research is intended to formulate a policy to achieve minimal(More)
A simple flooding mechanism for broadcasting messages over vehicular ad-hoc networks causes massive message redundancy, contention and collision known as the broadcast storm problem. Most available solutions to broadcast storm are normally based on the selection of the rebroadcast nodes depending on a given single attribute such as: sender-to-receiver(More)
Various vehicular applications are available in VANETs either for safety-related or non-safety-related use. Collision warning and car crash alerts are those of the most important messages that own high priority to be rebroadcast than any non-safety messages. Meanwhile among non-safety messages that employs text, images and streaming packets containing(More)
Wireless sensor nodes are mostly limited in their energy. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to extend sensor nodes' life while maintaining the network overall performance. Mobility of the network sensor nodes may accelerate energy depletion and increase the need for effective energy-conserving WSN routing protocols. In this paper, we present a novel(More)
Popular websites such as Google and Facebook must have an extremely large clients and providing such clients only with a single web server is absolutely insufficient. To support service availability, two or more servers are required. This, however, needs a load balancing system. A load balancing server receives web traffic and distributes the requests to(More)
From 1st January 2000, Internet Service Providers in Aus-tralia have been required to filter web traffic content. The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) publishes a list of banned web sites and ISPs must enforce this ban. Enforcing Internet content regulation is a security issue: ISPs need to be able to verify the authenticity of a distributed banned(More)
– The security threats to networked systems have increased. The demand for accessing hosts remotely in a secure manner is therefore also increasing. In order to meet this demand, many users and network administrators use the Secure Shell (SSH) service. However, the SSH system may be configured with insecure defaults. A proxy in-between an SSH server and its(More)
Energy conservation is crucial in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) for prolonging sensor node's life. This research attempts to gain benefits of Bayesian classifier through development of a Bayesian Classifier-Based Energy Aware Routing algorithm (BBEAR) for mobile WSNs. Through implementing a Bayesian classifier for routing process, a superior routing(More)