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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Clinical practice guidelines on non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome (NSTEACS) do not take either hospital infrastructure or the availability of a catheterization laboratory into account. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of hospital type, either with or without a catheterization laboratory, on(More)
The aim of the present study was to assess the cost-benefit of the program of fluoridation of the public water supply in the city of Málaga. Marginal benefits and the rate cost/benefit were the two parameters used to evaluate the cost-benefit. We have considered all the information available about similar experiences performed in other countries and about(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the feeding habits used for nursing children in the Llerena Health Area (Badajoz). DESIGN A descriptive and inferential study, using questionnaires given to the mothers. SETTING Schools chosen at random from the eight health districts which make up the above-stated Health Area. PATIENTS AND OTHER PARTICIPANTS Mothers (N = 369) of(More)
This article reports the results of a survey trying to evaluate different aspects related with ambient noise and its effects on selected urban communities. A total of 263 residents in 5 different neighbourhoods of the city of Valencia were interviewed. For each one of the neighbourhoods, level of ambient noise were independently registered during 24 hours(More)
A method for the simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of the divalent ions of iron, cobalt, nickel and copper based on the formation of their complexes with 1,5-bis(di-2-pyridylmethylene) thiocarbonohydrazide (DPTH) is proposed. The resolution of quaternary mixtures of these metallic ions was accomplished by several chemometric approaches. A(More)
The relationship between cigarette smoking and risk of lung cancer has been analyzed in a case control study of 98 cancer patients and 108 age matched healthy controls. This relationship has been studied based on age when smoking started, number of cigarettes per day and minimum number of cigarettes smoked, and smoke inhalation. The excess rate (ER) of lung(More)
In this study we analyze some of the contributions of the epidemiological method to the study of juvenile delinquency. We used 68,583 complaints to the Police during 1983-1986 to do so; furthermore, we asked the opinion of the citizens by means of an opinion poll of a representative sample of the population on the subject of public safety. The application(More)
OBJECTIVES Main: to describe the health situation of the urban non-institutionalised population of 75 or over in Castro Urdiales. Secondary. To analyse the differences in the over-user group. DESIGN Descriptive, crossover. SETTING Primary Care Health Centre. PATIENTS People in the urban area aged 75 or over and with the following inclusion criteria:(More)