Agron M. Rexhepi

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The human body is composed of lean tissues that are metabolically active, and fat tissue that is not metabolically active, but is an essential part of human body. Training is a significant factor affecting body composition, performance, as well and physiological parameters. The aim of this study was through changeable of 13 measured anthropometrical(More)
Morphometry is a non-invasive method important to assess the size, proportions, and composition of the human body. Because the prediction is an important subject in almost all life sciences, the aim of this research was to find out the cephalofacial variables that may predict the body height. Three cephalofacial variables and the body height were measured(More)
The aim of this exploratory study was to explore impact of organized physical activities on the latent structure of some morpho-functional variables. Discrimination between group of athletes (167 entities, aged 22.4 years) and group of non-athletes (150 entities, aged 25.7 years) has been explored in latent structure of 12 morphometric variables, 4(More)
The aim of this study was to research the relationships between set of body variables and set of cephalofacial variables, using statistical method of canonical analysis. The measurements were done on 288 adult male entities, aged 18–35 years old. Correlation analysis indicates mediocre inter-correlation among two sets of variables. Canonical analysis has(More)
The purpose of this study was to study, observe, and clarify the dynamics of physical growth, as well as changes of some morphometrical and physiological variables of Kosovo population. 17,894 males from Kosovo between 6 and 51 years of age and older, were measured:. body height, body weight, BMI, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate, and VO(More)
The human craniofacial bones are certainly the most important part of the body, as well as the foundation for the soft tissues of the face and head. This part of the body is extremely complex structure, which has a number of important functions, such are: diet, special senses, protection, communication. The main purpose of this research was to study and(More)
The goals of this study were to find the average intracranial capacity of the living male-entities of Kosovo Albanian population, to define cephalofacial indexes and their interrelations with intracranial capacity and to explore their latent structure. Eight cephalofacial variables have been measured in 571 male entities of the Kosovo Albanian population,(More)
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