Agostino Messina

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A prospective study was performed to evaluate the changes in the auditory brain stem response (ABR) that occur in healthy premenopausal women throughout the menstrual cycle. Ninety-four women with ovulatory menstrual cycles underwent ABR testing by auditory evoked potentials for wave I, III, and V latencies and for interpeak I-III, I-V, and III-V intervals(More)
Authors present the clinical and neuroradiological characteristics of 40 patients treated for lumbar canal stenosis during a 10 years experience. The usefulness of computed tomography in comparison with myelography and plain X-rays of the spine is stressed. The surgical treatment was wide laminectomy involving one or more levels (two to four) plus an(More)
The production of oxygen-free radicals and their subsequent peroxidative action on membrane unsaturated fatty acids could be enhanced after subarachnoid hemorrhage. High-dose methylprednisolone (30 mg/Kg i.v.) treatment can antagonize acute SAH-induced brain hypoperfusion and protect the ultrastructural integrity of endothelial cell membranes. Experimental(More)
Recent studies have suggested that metalloproteinases (MMP) might be involved in the pathogenesis of cerebral aneurysm formation and rupture and that elevated serum levels of MMP may effectively be considered as possible markers of cerebrovascular malformations. The present study was planned in order to verify if serum levels of MMPs may be the mirror of(More)
Authors analyze three cases of growing fractures they observed in infants under the age of one year. It is noticeable that in two cases, even if the lesion was already present when babies underwent the first procedure, no specific treatment was adopted, thus resulting in a progressive enlargement of the extracranial mass. Surgical treatment must be(More)