Agostino Lippolis

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The objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of FloSeal® matrix hemostatic agent with hemostatic surgical procedures and Tabotamp® in thyroid surgery. One hundred fifty-five consecutive total thyroidectomy patients were recruited at our institution between January 2005 and December 2007. Exclusion criteria were applied. Patients were(More)
The authors report their experience of the use of intraoperative cholangiography in 350 operations for biliary stones. The cholangiography was performed on all 52 patients with preoperative diagnosis of stones in CBD. In the 298 patients with gallbladder stones intraoperative colangiography was performed in 32 times, on the basis of previous jaundice,(More)
BACKGROUND Parathyroid adenoma is the most common cause of primary hyperparathyroidism. Preoperative serum calcium and intact-parathyroid hormone levels are the most useful diagnostic parameters that allow differentiating primary hyperparathyroidism from non-parathyroid-dependent hypercalcemia. Parathyroidectomy is the definitive treatment for primary(More)
Bile ducts lithiasis is a very common disease all over the world. In Italy prevalence is about 5 millions cases: 11% of the population. Choledocholithiasis concurrent with gallbladder stones frequency is estimated from 4 to 20%. Incidence is even higher in the elderly and in patients affected by chronic liver disease. The treatment of bile ducts lithiasis(More)
The authors report their own experience of 34 patients operated on for rectal cancer. In 8 cases abdomino perineal resection and in 26 anterior resection with anastomoses (6 in second time) were performed. Operatory mortality was nil and with an average follow up of 34 months 5 local recurrences were observed 16%. Among the risk factors examined the most(More)
When endoscopic sclerotherapy fails or after recurrence, a surgical approach is necessary. Oesophageal transection is a rational and effective option, because, compared to the shunt, it does not change hepatic haemodynamics, it has lower operative mortality, particularly in emergency, and it does not complicate the surgical technique of a subsequent liver(More)
The study was conducted an 298 patients suffering from thyroid nodules who underwent FNAB and successively surgery. The results of FNAB, compared with histology showed a sensibility of the technique of 76.6%, a specificity of 100%, an efficiency of 97.3%, with a negative prognostic value of 97% and a positive one of 100%. The authors stress the role of FNAB(More)
The Authors, studying the condition of immunodepression observed in patients who underwent splenectomy for traumatic lesion, noticed that a significant part of them complained of allergic symptoms. These seemed to appear only in subjects whose Th2 lymphocytes functionality was preserved--as witnessed by normal or increased IL-4 serum level--showing an(More)
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