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Integrating or creating new applications (services), using existing data involves changing existing applications (services). For better usage, there is a need to export data as basic services (SOA approach). Representational State Transfer (REST) works with resources instead of operations, offering full web-scale interoperability and scalability advantages(More)
Taking in consideration that the rapid growth using online services last few years becomes more necessary all over the world and on the other side since the internet revolution, it seemed important and useful for all online both sellers and buyers the online shopping. This review starts will cultural and regional challenges in Asia-Pacific Region by(More)
Sharing the computational resources for laboratory needs is not an easy task. Most of educational institutions are following traditional approach to configure their laboratories. Doing so, they are force to lock and bind a single technology to a dedicated laboratory. The proposed service oriented resource sharing platform is trying to avoid this problem and(More)
E-Learning promotes the exchange of experiences and knowledge that facilitate the learning of students without the time and space restrictions imposed by traditional models. The potential for reusability is a primary attraction for educators when discussing about learning objects. Reusing learning objects is as old as retelling a story or making use of(More)
Since the primary attraction for IT developers is to build applications by reusing the existing resources, especially using mobile platforms as it is changing the way software applications are developed and accessed, the platform presented in this paper aims to keep users up to date for all of their daily events. The idea was to develop a new contemporary(More)
Considering that Cloud Computing is changing the way applications and infrastructure is developed and accessed in different areas, universities also can take advantage of these models in terms of efficiency, reliability, portability, flexibility, which have been a challenging concern for cloud computing. This paper presents a cloud computing based solution(More)
E-learning usage and implementation is seen as use of a magic stick to many educators and trainers especially in the developing countries, bringing positive or great values to them and their organization. According to some researches e-learning means the use of various electronic items including information and communication technology (ICT) as a part of(More)
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