Agnieszka Zgoła

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Procedures for the isolation of poly(propylene glycol)s (PPGs) from a water matrix have been developed. Solid-phase extraction with an octadecylsilica cartridge and elution with methanol or with a graphitised carbon black cartridge and elution with a mixture of dichloromethane-methanol (4:1) or liquid-liquid extraction with chloroform were all suitable for(More)
Mass spectrometric behaviour of mono- and di-carboxylated polyethylene glycols (PEGCs and CPEGCs) and carboxylated octylphenol ethoxylates (OPECs) are discussed. The tendency for ionisation (deprotonation, protonation and cationisation by alkali metal cations) of carboxylated PEGs was compared with that of non-carboxylated correspondents by using both(More)
The negative-ion electrospray mass spectrometric behavior of dicarboxylated polyethylene glycols (CPEGCs) is discussed. Both [M-H](-) and [M-2H](2-) ions were observed. It was found that the ratio [M-2H](2-)/[M-H](-) is affected by oxyethylene chain length, solvent polarity, analyte concentration and applied cone voltage.
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