Agnieszka Sujak

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This paper reports the results of research on the interaction between the cytochrome f of the active cytochrome b 6 f complex (incubated with Cd-, Zn-, and Ag-substituted plastocyanins) and Cu-plastocyanin. The presented studies show, that the metal derivatives of plastocyanin can have an influence on the photosynthetic electron transfer path: cytochrome b(More)
The dinuclear copper center (TtCuA) forming the electron entry site in the subunit II of the cytochrome c oxidase in Thermus thermophilus shows high stability toward thermal as well as denaturant-induced unfolding of the protein at ambient pH. We have studied the effect of pH on the stability of the holo-protein as well as of the apo-protein by UV-visible(More)
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