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The Relevance-Based Model of Context in Processing Puns
While the essential role context plays in the understanding of expressions and utterances has never been questioned, the way it is perceived has evolved from a static factor established prior to theExpand
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Accessing multiple meanings : the case of zeugma
Zeugma, sometimes referred to as sortal crossing, i s a semantic anomaly which occurs when a word or phrase has to be interp reted in two distinct ways simultaneously, thus triggering a punningExpand
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Yes We Scanand the Grass Mud Horse: puns as a weapon against censorship in cyberspace
Internet surveillance and censorship are on the rise across the globe as undemocratic and democratic regimes alike increase their attempts to monitor and control what goes on in cyberspace. ChineseExpand
The online processing of garden path utterances : accessibility-driven or relevance-driven ?
In the pragmatic literature on utterance comprehens ion the derivation of utterance meaning is seen as involving a variety of distinct cognitive tasks inc luding the recovery of a linguisticallyExpand
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Exploring Interpretation and Misinterpretation of Garden-Path Sentences in Polish
The paper reports on an experiment designed to investigate the interpretation and misinterpretation of Polish sentence such as Gdy Jan pisal list spadl z biurka (e.g. “While John was writing the letter fell off a desk”), paralleling English garden path sentences such as While John hunted the deer ran into the woods. Expand
METAREPRESENTATIONAL ACCOUNT OF DISJUNCT ADVERBIAL CLAUSES 1. Introduction: metarepresentational types of disourse
Linguistic research into how human metacognitive ab ilities are reflected in language (Wilson 2000; Noh 2000) has led to identif yi g several kinds of utterances which can be described asExpand