Agnieszka Skorupa

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Anticancer treatment results in temporary or permanent toxicity considered as changes in normal tissues and/or involved regions. The net effect is mirrored in morphological, functional and molecular disturbances—thus in a systemic response of the human body. To date, specific NMR biomarkers of radiation therapy toxicity in head and neck squamous cell(More)
The primary purpose of this work was to assess long-term in vitro reproducibility of metabolite levels measured using 1H MRS (proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy). The secondary purpose was to use the in vitro results for interpretation of 1H MRS in vivo spectra acquired from patients diagnosed with Canavan disease. 1H MRS measurements were performed in(More)
In recent years multivariate projection techniques of data analysis (PCA, PLS-DA) have been increasingly used for detection of complex 1H MRS derived metabolic signatures in pathologic conditions. However, these techniques have not been applied in the studies of metabolic heterogeneity of the normal human brain. In this work we extended current knowledge(More)
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