Agnieszka Przystanska

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In the past few decades, a number of studies have reported that accessory foramina are located on the internal aspect of the mandible, indicating their potential importance for effective and successful clinical procedures. The aim of this study is to evaluate adult, infantile, and fetal human mandibles for occurrence of accessory foramina. To our knowledge,(More)
Dr. Stamfelj's letter to Editor raises several concerns with the article ''Analysis of human dentition from Early Bronze Age: 4000-year-old puzzle'' by Przystan´ska et al. We are extremely glad for the interesting comments. We are pleased that our research article has provided stimulus for further discussion. We agree with Dr. Stamfelj that the ASUDAS [1](More)
Computed tomography is commonly used in modern medicine, and thus, it is often helpful for medicolegal purposes, especially as part of the antemortem record. The application of postmortem computed tomography and 3D reconstruction of the skull in challenging cases is reported, and its valuable contribution to positive identification is discussed. This paper(More)
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