Agnieszka Popiel

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This study assessed a relationship between alexithymia and schizophrenia suggested by reports based on small samples of patients. Here, 50 outpatients with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia were compared with 50 pair-matched healthy subjects. Alexithymia was measured by the Polish version of the Toronto Alexithymia Scale-20. The mean total score was(More)
BACKGROUND Posttraumatic Diagnostic Scale (PDS) is a self-descriptive measure developed to provide information regarding posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis and symptom severity. OBJECTIVES THE AIM OF THIS ARTICLE IS TO REPORT ON THE VALIDATION OF THE POLISH VERSION OF PDS AND TO TEST ITS FACTOR STRUCTURE WITH REFERENCE TO TWO MODELS: an(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Little is known about direct comparisons of the efficacy of trauma-focused psychotherapies and SSRIs. This is the first randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy of prolonged exposure (PE), paroxetine (Ph) and their combination (Comb) in a sample of adults diagnosed with PTSD following motor vehicle accidents (MVA). METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES Valid and reliable diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder is important for clinical practice, scientific research and forensic settings. The aim of the study was to assess the psychometric properties of the Polish version of SCID-I F Module for the diagnosis of PTSD. METHODS Five hundred twenty six motor vehicle accident survivors(More)
The effectiveness of ultrasound in diagnosing fractures of the ribs and sternum has been confirmed in the literature. The aim of our study was to present two case reports of patients with chest trauma history in whom ultrasound examination proved useful in the diagnostic process. The role of thoracic ultrasound in the diagnosis of ribs and sternal fractures(More)
UNLABELLED AIM : Although various aspects of guilt are frequent problems of patients suffering from PTSD, they have been included into the diagnostic criteria for PTSD just in the present version DSM-5. Kubany proposed a cognitive conceptualization of guilt in PTSD followed by development of the Trauma Related Guilt Inventory (TRGI). The aim of the paper is(More)
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