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The aim of this paper is to propose a far-reaching extension of the phraseological component of a valence dictionary for Polish. The dictionary is the basis of two different parsers of Polish; its format has been designed so as to maximise the readability of the information it contains and its re-applicability. We believe that the extension proposed here(More)
This paper presents Walenty, a comprehensive valence dictionary of Polish, with a number of novel features, as compared to other such dictionaries. The notion of argument is based on the coordination test and takes into consideration the possibility of diverse morphosyntactic realisations. Some aspects of the internal structure of phraseological (idiomatic)(More)
This paper discusses the construction of a parallel treebank currently involving ten languages from six language families. The treebank is based on deep LFG (Lexical-Functional Grammar) grammars that were developed within the framework of the ParGram (Parallel Grammar) effort. The grammars produce output that is maximally parallelized across languages and(More)
While it is possible to build a formal grammar manually from scratch or, going to another extreme, to derive it automatically from a treebank, the development of the LFG grammar of Polish presented in this paper is different from both of these methods as it relies on extensive reuse of existing language resources for Polish. LFG grammars minimally provide(More)
This paper provides an explicit, formal analysis of two not only interesting but also frequent coordination phenomena: the coordination of unlike categories and the coordination of distinct grammatical functions possibly belonging to entirely different levels of structure. The proposed account of the former makes it possible to take full advantage of new(More)
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