Agnieszka Mazur

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Regular motor activity has many benefits for mental and physical condition but its implications for epilepsy are still controversial. In order to elucidate this problem, we have studied the effect of long-term physical activity on susceptibility to subsequent seizures. Male Wistar rats were subjected to repeated training sessions in a treadmill and swimming(More)
Lipoid pneumonia (LP) is a chronic inflammation of the lung parenchyma with interstitial involvement due to the accumulation of endogenous or exogenous lipids. Exogenous LP (ELP) is associated with the aspiration or inhalation of oil present in food, oil-based medications or radiographic contrast media. The clinical manifestations of LP range from(More)
Injury to the scapholunate ligament is considered the most common and burdened with the most negative squeals cause of the carpal instability. The article provides information on the functional anatomy of the scapholunate complex and the consequences of the tear of the ligament that joints these bones. Rupture of this ligament, associated with tear of(More)
Opinion varies among surgeons regarding the preferable method of surgical correction in patients with transposition of the great vessels (TGV) presenting with abnormal origins of the coronary artery (CA) and inadequacies in the diameters of the great vessels. In the work presented, the experience is analyzed gained with the performing of TGV radical(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to assess the reliability of neurological examination and other factors in predicting traumatic cerebral lesions and skull fractures in patients with mild and moderate head trauma (GCS 10-15). MATERIAL AND METHODS Over a one-year period, 227 patients: 145 male and 82 female, aged a mean of 51 years who sustained mild or(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of the study was an assessment of the occurrence of traumatic cerebral lesions and skull fractures in patients with mild head trauma. A total of 171 patients' notes, 89 male (52%) and 82 female (48%), mean age 48 years, were subjected to analysis. RESULTS Of the 171 patients, in 58 (34%) CT scanning of the head was not performed(More)
The results of treatment of 10 patients, suffering the abdominal aorta aneurysm, using the third generation bifurcational prosthesis Excluder, are presented. Endoprosthesis was performed under local infiltrating anesthesia (LIA) and light sedation, in one observation the LIA was incidentally changed to general anesthesia and artificial lung ventilation. In(More)