Agnieszka M. Zelazniewicz

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Mate preferences are context-dependent and may vary with different ecological conditions and raters. The present study investigated whether sociosexual orientation influenced men's rating of attractiveness of female breast size. Participants (N=128) rated female breast attractiveness as a function of size (five levels) and viewing angles (front view,(More)
According to the compensatory prophylaxis hypothesis, women in the luteal phase, characterized by a high progesterone level, which suppresses various mechanisms of immune response, should exhibit higher disgust sensitivity, compared to the follicular phase. In this study we test the hypothesis on the compensatory role of disgust sensitivity at the luteal(More)
OBJECTIVES Neonatal weight and health depend on many epigenetic and environmental factors and also on a child's genes as inherited from the mother and the father. The "Hunting for Good Genes" (HfGG) hypothesis claims that women pursue short-term mating strategies in order to obtain good genes for their progeny. If this is true, one should expect that in(More)
OBJECTIVES A women's breast is a sex-specific and aesthetic bodily attribute. It is suggested that breast morphology signals maturity, health, and fecundity. The perception of a woman's attractiveness and age depends on various cues, such as breast size or areola pigmentation. Conducted in Poland and Papua, the current study investigated how breast(More)
Disgust, an emotion triggering behavioral avoidance of pathogens, serves as a first line of defense against infections. Since behavior related to disgust involves some cost, the aversive reaction should be adjusted to the level of an individual's immunocompetence, and raise only when immunological function is lower (e.g. during pregnancy). We studied(More)
OBJECTIVES Breast size and fluctuating asymmetry (FA) are related to women's biological condition, as size correlates positively with fecundity, whereas FA correlates negatively with biological quality. We tested if breast volume, FA, and their changes during pregnancy are related to a fetus's sex. Women with bigger, symmetrical breasts, with a greater(More)
OBJECTIVES High level of oxidative stress (OS) during the first weeks of pregnancy is related to many serious pregnancy complications. Previous studies showed that body fluctuating asymmetry (FA) is related to OS level in men, suggesting that FA is a marker of oxidative balance in an individual. The aim of this study was to analyze if body FA was related to(More)
The meningo-orbital foramen (FMO) is an osteal opening, containing vessels providing an accessory blood supply to the orbit, situated close to the superior orbital fissure. Recent studies show FMO to be ubiquitous, with localization and occurrence varying, depending on a population, what may be due to environmental conditions (ie, temperature). It is often(More)
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