Agnieszka M. Lichanska

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BACKGROUND Growth hormone is an important regulator of post-natal growth and metabolism. We have investigated the metabolic consequences of altered growth hormone signalling in mutant mice that have truncations at position 569 and 391 of the intracellular domain of the growth hormone receptor, and thus exhibit either low (around 30% maximum) or no growth(More)
  • David Metzgar, Christopher A. Myers, Kevin L. Russell, Dennis Faix, Patrick J. Blair, Jason Brown +17 others
  • 2010
For more than four decades the cause of most type A influenza virus infections of humans has been attributed to only two viral subtypes, A/H1N1 or A/H3N2. In contrast, avian and other vertebrate species are a reservoir of type A influenza virus genome diversity, hosting strains representing at least 120 of 144 combinations of 16 viral hemagglutinin and 9(More)
A vast amount of DNA and protein sequence is now available and a plethora of programs have been developed to analyse the data. The bewildering variety of analyses that can be performed via the World-Wide Web can deter researchers from applying bioinformatics to augment their traditional genetic research. Focusing on the inherited eye diseases, this paper(More)
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