Agnieszka Kostkiewicz

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BACKGROUND Gray matter heterotopia (GMH) is a malformation of the central nervous system characterized by interruption of normal neuroblasts migration between the 7(th) and 16(th) week of fetal development. The aim of the study was the analysis of clinical symptoms, prevalence rate and the most common concurrent central nervous system (CNS) developmental(More)
BACKGROUND Shoulder joint is a common site of musculoskeletal pain caused, among other things, by rotator cuff tears due to narrowing of subacromial space, acute trauma or chronic shoulder overload. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an excellent modality for imaging of soft tissues of the shoulder joint considering a possibility of multiplanar image(More)
BACKGROUND Schizencephaly is a rare developmental malformation of the central nervous system associated with cell migration disturbances. Schizencephaly can be uni- or bilateral and is divided into two morphological types. The cleft is defined as type I ("closed lips") if there are fused clefts in cerebral mantle. In type II ("open lips") the clefts are(More)
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