Agnieszka Joanna Urbanowicz

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INTRODUCTION This document describes the LOLITA system and how it was used to run the MUC tasks of named entity, co-reference and template element. Details of the system's performance are given for the walk-through articles as well as overall performance. LOLITA has been designed in such a way that the code implementing the MUC tasks is only a small part of(More)
The experiments were performed on 9 cat and 18 rat isolated stellate ganglia. Rats and cats were anesthetized with alpha-glucochloralose or urethane, respectively. The ganglia, isolated with their branches, were transferred to a recording chamber and constantly superfused with artificial extracellular fluid bubbled with 95% O2 and 5% CO2. Branches of the(More)
The aim of this paper was to study the effect of two benzomorphan derivatives MR2266 and MR2267 with predominant antagonism to kappa-opioid receptors administered intrathecally on the analgesic action of morphine and nalbuphine. Both compounds attenuated the analgesia elicited by examined opioid agonists. Our results support the hypothesis that the spinal(More)
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