Agnieszka I Bochyńska

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UNLABELLED Meniscus tears are one of the most commonly occurring injuries of the knee joint. Current meniscus repair techniques are challenging and do not bring fully satisfactory results. Tissue adhesives are a promising alternative, since they are easy to apply and cause minimal tissue trauma. In this study, a series of amphiphilic copolymers based on(More)
The aim of the current in vitro study was to investigate if tissue surface modification with collagenase and addition of the TGF-β3 can increase the number of cells present in meniscus tears repaired with the use of newly developed tissue adhesives based on isocyanate-terminated block copolymers. Cylindrical explants were harvested from the inner part of(More)
Isocyanate-terminated adhesive amphiphilic block copolymers are attractive materials to treat meniscus tears due to their tuneable mechanical properties and good adhesive characteristics. However, a drawback of this class of materials is their relatively long curing time. In this study, we evaluate the use of an amine cross-linker and addition of catalysts(More)
Acetate kinase (ACK) converts acetyl phosphate to acetate along with the generation of ATP in the pathway for mixed-acid fermentation in Lactococcus lactis. The reverse reaction yields acetyl phosphate for assimilation purposes. Remarkably, L. lactis has two ACK isozymes, and the corresponding genes are present in an operon. We purified both enzymes (AckA1(More)
Tissue adhesives are an attractive class of biomaterials, which can serve as a treatment for meniscus tears. In this study, physicochemical and adhesive properties of novel biodegradable three-armed- and hyperbranched block copolymeric adhesives are evaluated. Additionally, their degradation in vitro and in vivo, and the tissue reaction after subcutaneous(More)
Current treatment methods to repair meniscal tears do not bring fully satisfactory results. Tissue adhesives are considered promising alternatives, since they are easy to apply and cause minimal tissue trauma. The first aim of this study was to analyze the adhesive properties of and tissue response to two recently developed biodegradable block copolymeric(More)
Tissue adhesives are attractive materials with potential to replace the use of sutures and staples in the repair of the injured tissues. The research field of tissue adhesives is dynamically growing, and different methods and tissue models are employed to evaluate the adhesive properties of newly developed materials. It is thus difficult to directly compare(More)
Menisci are crucial structures in the knee joint as they play important functions in load transfer, maintaining joint stability and in homeostasis of articular cartilage. Unfortunately, ones of the most frequently occurring knee injuries are meniscal tears. Particularly tears in the avascular zone of the meniscus usually do not heal spontaneously and lead(More)
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