Agnieszka Gładysz-Płaska

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A novel adsorbent benzoimidazol-2-yl-phenylphosphinic acid/aminosilica adsorbent (BImPhP(O)(OH)/SiO2NH2) was prepared by carbonyldiimidazole-mediated coupling of aminosilica with 1-carboxymethylbenzoimidazol-2-yl-phenylphosphinic acid. It was obtained through direct phosphorylation of 1-cyanomethylbenzoimidazole by phenylphosphonic dichloride followed by(More)
Uranium is a very toxic and radioactive element. Removal of uranium from wastewaters requires remediation technologies. Actual methods are costly and ineffective when uranium concentration is very low. Little is known about the enhancement of sorption of uranyl ions by phosphate ions on aluminosilicates. Here, we studied sorption of uranyl acetate on red(More)
The paper presents the use of Pyrolox™ containing manganese nano oxides used for the removal of Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II), and Pb(II) as well as U(VI) ions. Their concentrations were analyzed using the atomic absorption spectrometer SpectrAA 240 FS (Varian) as well as UV-vis method. For this purpose the static kinetic and equilibrium studies were carried out(More)
The adsorption of the lanthanides (except for Pm) on the zeolite Y was investigated under various solution conditions of nitrate ion concentration ([NO(-)(3)]: 0.001-2 mol/dm(3)) and total lanthanide concentration (from 0.0001 to 0.001 mol/dm(3)). The solutions of the lanthanide nitrates were equilibrated with the zeolite samples at 296 K. The(More)
The adsorption of lanthanides (except for Pm) on mordenite was investigated under various solution conditions of nitrate ion concentrations ([NO*3]: 0.001-2 mol/dm3) and total lanthanide concentrations (0.0005 mol/dm3). Solutions of lanthanide nitrates were equilibrated with zeolite samples at 296 K. A concave tetrad effect was evident in the change of logK(More)
The comparison of phenol sorption on phenyltrimethylammonium (PTMA)- and benzyltrimethylammonium (BTMA)-bentonite shows a clear difference as far as phenol sorption isotherms are concerned. For PTMA-bentonite the sorption isotherm is of a straight-line character which results from simple partitioning of phenol between the aqueous and organic phases sorbed(More)
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