Agnieszka Chodorek

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—The TCP-Friendly Rate Control (TFRC) protocol manifests strong equality towards competing TCP or TCP-friendly flows. Although the RFC 3448 suggests that TFRC is suitable for multimedia, this equality is a great disadvantage in the case of transmitting multimedia over the TFRC. The TFRC emulates TCP-like congestion control using the TCP throughput equation.(More)
ECN-capable TCP-friendly layered multicast mul-timedia delivery combines explicit congestion notifica-tion (ECN) with the TCP-friendly layered multicast scheme. TCP-Friendliness denotes that receiver–driven architecture behaves under congestion like the TCP protocol. Unlike well-known TCP-friendly proto-cols (TFRC, TFMCC, WEBRC), which use TCP(More)
The BGP is an external routing protocol, i.e. BGP routing is carried out between autonomous systems. In the paper two BGP route selections, concerned with the selection of paths to and from autonomous systems, are described. The question of local-preference, weight, MED and community attributes are also addressed. 1 Prace prezentowane w niniejszym artykule(More)
1 Streszczenie. Artykuł przedstawia warstwowy model opisujący ustanawianie sesji WebRTC, uzyskany na podstawie analizy dokumentacji protokołów biorących udział w ustanawianiu sesji oraz kodów źródłowych przeglądarek internetowych. Prezentację modelu zilustrowano przykładami transmisji multimedialnej pomiędzy przeglądarkami WWW oraz pomiędzy przeglądarką a(More)
QoS guarantees for real-time HD video transmission can be assured by proper resource allocation. The TFD option of the IP protocol can be used to convey signaling information about required resources for a given transmission. In this paper the new traffic description for TFD option, based on analysis of scene changes, is presented. The traffic description(More)