Agnieszka Błońska

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The immense variety in plant diversity at the species level might explain why it is so difficult to establish strict generalizations in vegetation dynamics. In the last two decades many published research reports have shown that the introduction of the concept of plant functional groups (PEG) into the analysis of vegetation dynamics might be more(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the time course for adaptation of the reticulo-rumen, omasum, abomasum, and small intestine in response to an abrupt increase in the proportion of grain in the diet. Adaptive responses include tissue and digesta mass, small intestinal length, and brush border enzyme activity in the duodenum, proximal jejunum, and(More)
The levels of nitrates and nitrites were determined in fresh vegetables and the same products subjected to culinary processing such as boiling. Nitrates were reduced on a cadmium column to nitrites, where upon they were determined colorimetrically using sulfanilic acid and N-1-naphthyl-ethylenediamine. Thermal processing of these vegetables reduced the(More)
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