Agnieszka Adamus

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Distribution in rat tissues of citalopram, a potent and specific inhibitor of neuronal 5-HT uptake was uneven. The blood serum level of the drug did not reflect its distribution in the brain tissue and in the spinal cord. Prolonged administration of citalopram enhanced its blood serum, brain and spinal cord AUC values and slowed down its elimination from(More)
This research compares the effects, in mice and rats, of desmethylclomipramine (DCLOM) and clomipramine (CLOM). DCLOM antagonized the hypothermia induced in mice by reserpine or apomorphine to a much greater extent than CLOM. Reserpine ptosis in mice was depressed by DCLOM only. Similarly, only DCLOM was effective in the behavioral despair test in rats.(More)
Tail-flick latencies and morphine concentrations in the blood serum, brain (without striatum) and spinal cord were measured in rats receiving 10 mg/kg ip morphine with or without haloperidol pretreatment (0.1 or 1 mg/kg sc). Haloperidol pretreatment dose-dependently potentiated the analgesic action of morphine and interfered with tissue morphine levels.(More)
INTRODUCTION Peripheral nerve disruptions, frequently occurring during limb injuries, give rise to serious complications of patients recovery resulting from limitations in neural tissue regeneration capabilities. To overcome this problem bridging techniques utilizing guidance channels gain their importance. Biodegradable polymeric tubes seem to be more(More)
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