Agnese Sbaffi

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In the Delay choice task subjects choose between a smaller immediate option and a larger delayed option. This paradigm, also known as intertemporal choice task, is frequently used to assess delay tolerance, interpreting a preference for the larger delayed option as willingness to wait. However, in the Delay choice task subjects face a dilemma between two(More)
The study of bacterial flora of the lower respiratory tract is very important for the diagnosis of pulmonary infections and proper therapy but it has to face important methodologic problems. The main problem is contamination of the sputum during its passage through the upper airways. The present study suggests an improved procedure aiming first of all at(More)
We studied the effects of experimentally induced emotional stress (mental arithmetic) on different hemodynamic parameters, catecholamine levels, and serum and platelet function tests in 25 postinfarction patients and in 10 apparently healthy, age-matched control subjects. Mental stress (10 minutes) induced significant increments in heart rate, systolic(More)
Bacterial antagonism may be one of the mechanism which regulates the bacterial flora of the pharynx. We have investigated the bacterial antagonism exerted in oral secretion by alpha-hemolytic streptococci against S. aureus and S. epidermidis. We cultured viridans streptococci and staphylococci in human saliva and we noted a bactericidal activity towards(More)
BACKGROUND Urinary N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (U-NAG) and its isoenzyme B (U-NAG-B) have been demonstrated useful and early markers of renal damage, although they are present in many other tissues and organs. OBJECTIVES To evaluate semen contamination of the urine and its role in variability of U-NAG. METHODS To assess control group values(More)
A simple and automated solid-phase extraction for the selective and quantitative HPLC analysis of free catecholamines in urine is described. The urinary catecholamines react with diphenylboric acid, giving a complex at pH 8.5 which is strongly retained on a PLRP-S cartridge; elution is accomplished with the same mobile phase used for HPLC analysis.(More)
150 healthy individuals and 162 tonsillopathic patients were investigated for the presence of Staphylococcus species in the upper respiratory tract. S. epidermidis was isolated from the throat in a very small percentage of all the people examined. A great number of healthy individuals (40%) and of patients (70%) were colonized by S. aureus either in the(More)