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With designers increasingly moving beyond button pushing and flat-screen interaction towards tangible and embodied interaction, techniques for user studies need to develop as well. While ethnographic video studies and ethnomethod-ological analyses are becoming standard in many interaction design projects, it remains a challenge to investigate in detail how(More)
This paper presents the ongoing work of the Preschool Front End team at LEGO and its approach towards a more inclusive and participatory process when designing the future of play for preschoolers. The team is concerned with front-end innovation for play experiences aimed at children aged 1.5 to 5 years old. The aim of the team is to provide inspiration and(More)
Interactive artifacts are normative, as they materialize the norms of their designers in order to guide human action in a use-context. A better understanding of how interactive artifacts transmit norms can support designers and users to critically reflect about appropriate human and designed artificial behavior in context. In this paper we introduce(More)
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