Agnesa Papazyan

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The past few years have seen an exponential growth in the calculations of electrostatic energies of macromolecules and an increased recognition of the crucial role of electrostatic effects. This review considers the current state of the field. Focus is placed on calculations of pKas, redox potentials and binding energies in macromolecules and clarification(More)
Low-barrier hydrogen bonds have recently been proposed as a major factor in enzyme catalysis. Here we evaluate the feasibility of transition state (TS) stabilization by low-barrier hydrogen bonds in enzymes. Our analysis focuses on the facts that (i) a low-barrier hydrogen bond is less stable than a regular hydrogen bond in water, (ii) TSs are more stable(More)
 The major role of electrostatic effects in the control of redox potentials in proteins is now widely appreciated. However, the evaluation and conceptualization of the actual electrostatic contributions is far from trivial, and some models still overlook the nature of electrostatic effects in proteins. This commentary considers different contributions to(More)
We describe results of computer simulations and sub-picosecond time-resolved fluorescence experiments on the solvation dynamics of 1-aminonapthalene and coumarin 153 in acetonitrile and methanol. Both the simulations and experiments point to the importance of fast, inertial components in the solvation response in these systems. Where direct comparisons(More)
Aim of the research is analyze of changes of facial cranium bones morphometric parameters as a result of distal overbite orthodontic care. On the basis of examination of 214 head telerentgenogramms in lateral projections which where received before and after orthodontic care, facial cranium bones sizes where defined, that changed as overbite orthodontic(More)
The relationships between life satisfaction, acculturation, acculturative stress, ethnic identity, and gender role attitudes among Armenian American women were explored. The convenience sample of 204 women of Armenian descent (ages 18 -77 years) residing in Southern California and in Phoenix, Arizona, completed a survey including the following measures:(More)
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