Agnes Walker

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OBJECTIVES To assess the importance of multiple chronic diseases (co-morbidities) to how people feel about their lives generally. To do this, we studied the associations between co-morbidities and indicators of quality of life and/or psychological distress. METHODS Analysis of unit record cross-sectional data from Australian national surveys for the(More)
The health benefits and costs of a national diabetes screening and prevention scenario are estimated among Australians ages 45-74. The Australian Diabetes Cost-Benefit Model is used to compare baseline and scenario outcomes from 2000 to 2010. Those newly diagnosed in 2000 receive intensive care, resulting in lower complication rates. People "at high risk"(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effectiveness of recent private health insurance (PHI) reforms, in particular the 30% rebate and Lifetime Health Cover, in terms of their stated aim of reducing the load on public hospitals. METHODS Combines the use of two new projection models - "Private Health Insurance" (PHI) and "New South Wales Hospitals" that use public and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether the 'inverse care law' applies to New South Wales (NSW) hospital admissions--especially to older people with high socio-economic status (SES). DESIGN Cross-sectional study analysing inequalities in public and private hospital admission rates by SES, defined in terms of age, sex and family income/size at the small(More)
The impacts of changes to private health insurance (PHI) policies introduced since 1999 - in particular the 30% PHI rebate and the Lifetime Health Cover - have been much debated. We present historical analyses of the impacts in terms of the proportion of Australians having hospital insurance cover under different PHI policies, by age, gender and(More)
Chronic diseases affect around 80% of older Australians, are main causes of premature death, and account for 70% of health expenditures. The novel features, building and validation of an Australian prototype model-system which simulates interventions that target several chronic diseases are described. Chronic disease progression models are linked to a(More)
iii Author note iv Acknowledgments iv Caveat and data security iv Abbreviations vi 1 Project description 1 2 Data description 2 2.1 NSW hospitals administrative datasets — linking patients 4 2.2 NSW hospitals administrative datasets — gross and net costs 7 3 Data integrity 12 3.1 Checking for invalid data values 12 3.2 Imputing missing values 13 3.3 Removal(More)
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