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Chronic diseases affect around 80% of older Australians, are main causes of premature death, and account for 70% of health expenditures. The novel features, building and validation of an Australian prototype model-system which simulates interventions that target several chronic diseases are described. Chronic disease progression models are linked to a(More)
ii Immigration has played an important role in Australia's demographic, economic and social development. It has been a key contributor to the growth of the country's population, which rose from 7 million in 1945 to over 18 million in 1996. The modelling of immigrants to Australia was thus considered important in the development of NATSEM's Dynamic(More)
About NATSEM The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling was established on 1 January 1993, and supports its activities through research grants, commissioned research and longer term contracts for model maintenance and development with the federal departments of Family and Community Services, Health and Ageing, and Education, Science and Training.(More)
As part of a wider study, infant behaviour was reviewed prospectively, using a 24 h diary completed by the mother. Infants' sleep, awake, fussing, crying and feeding behaviour were recorded at 1,2,4,6 and 8 weeks. Completed records were obtained from 21 infants. As expected most time was spent asleep, with a mean of 16.2 h at 1 week and 15.5 h at 8 weeks.(More)
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